Paul Ryan: More Eddie Haskell than Beaver Cleaver

I want to like Paul Ryan. I do.

But his speech….well, it didn’t endear me to his cause. It was too long, too snarky, too venomous, a bit immature.  Paul Ryan spent too much of his time attacking the current administration, without really helping me to understand what he would do and how he would do it, without assuring me that he has skills that go beyond political mudslinging and aggressive chest thumping….

Our country is suffering, people are understandably scared for their futures…. those who would be our new leaders need to uplift the electorate, not depress us, not get caught up in the easy task of simply denigrating the other side. We need leaders who evidence a deep belief in the greatness of humanity’s potential….not leaders who give speeches that are boorish in their jocularity, and somehow utterly devoid of humanity, even when telling touching stories of human strength.  We are looking for and need heroes, not jerks.

Maybe Paul Ryan thought he was exposing President Obama….but I think all he succeeded in exposing was his true self by giving a speech laden with hypocrisy, internal inconsistencies and factual errors….errors? No, replete with outright, absolute irrefutable dishonesty, and grossly negligent distortions of the truth.  I did not find his speech to be evocative of a true conservative ethos, I found it to be contemptuous and fraught with the worst kind of political pandering. He employed a “Leave it to Beaver” earnest boy next door theme that ultimately revealed him to be more like the menacing, condescending Eddie Haskell, than the ever earnest Beaver Cleaver.

And in resorting to the easy tactic of attack and degrade….Paul Ryan wasted a huge opportunity: to inspire a hurting nation, to promote virtue and the great values, to show himself to be a true, genuine leader.  (Condoleeza Rice, on the other hand, has me absolutely convinced of her leadership capacity and political skill).

For the life of me, why did the press bless this as a good speech?. I think the USA, be we democrats, republicans or something else, I think we’re all better than the dispiriting speech Paul Ryan gave last night….and I’m hoping that someone this election cycle will seize the opportunity to enlighten and inspire (and then do something) as opposed to setting such incredibly bad examples for the pursuit of nothing other than power and glory.