Clint Eastwood Channels Ralph Ellison…and Helps Obama

Bravo? Clint Eastwood?

While many scratched their heads in confusion, or furrowed their brows out of concern at seeing what they thought was your descension into madness tonight….I found myself applauding your inadvertent brilliance.

You see, unlike others, I did not witness the public decline of one of my favorite All American actor/filmmakers….I saw you instead paying homage to Ralph Ellison and his seminal work The Invisible Man.  The problem of course, is that you undermined your party loyalty and Republican bona fides by proving, not disproving, Ellison’s provocative and enduring meditation on invisibility and race, in a manner that no doubt helps President Obama’s cause….at least in the eyes of the semi-literate population.

Bravo, Clint Eastwood. Bravo.